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Traditional adult orthodontics can take 18 months or more to improve the position of your teeth. We work closely with local orthodontic specialists and in some cases referral to a specialist is still the most suitable option and an option we will always discuss with you.

power prox 6 month brace

Over recent years however there have been many cosmetic brace systems introduced which can achieve excellent results more discretely and in a much shorter period of time.

At Bachelors Walk Dental all of our dentists are certified and experienced in a range of systems allowing us to find the option that is most suitable for your smile.

Powerprox is our most versatile dental straightening option, tooth coloured brackets and wires are bonded to the teeth and quickly and gently guide the teeth to a more beautiful position.

It Is much more discrete than traditional metal braces and wires, typical treatments are complete in about six months.


andrew wallace

andrew wallace


andrew wallace power prox

andrew wallace powerprox