bachelors walk lisburn dentist


At Bachelors Walk Dental we want your teeth to last you a life time and we will do everything we can to help you achieve this.

Unfortunately there are occasions where this is just not possible. If you have a gap following the loss of a tooth or teeth that you would like filled to improve either appearance or function, or are living with an old denture which is loose, unsightly or uncomfortable then a dental implant could provide an excellent solution.

The implant is fixed in place to provide a secure result which looks great and is kind to any neighboring teeth. Implants can fill a single tooth gap with a crown, a multiple tooth gap with a bridge, or even be used to securely attach a full denture allowing you smile and chew with confidence.





At Bachelors Walk Dental we work with one of the most qualified experienced implant dentists in Northern Ireland and some of the most respected dental laboratories in the country to ensure you get a result you are happy with now and for many years to come.