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Dental Bonding

Worn, chipped, rotated teeth can be restored with minimal drilling using adhesive techniques to sculpt and blend tooth coloured restorative composite material invisibly to the teeth. 

This technique can be used as a standalone treatment to close spaces or improve the shape or outline of your teeth, or in combination with other treatments such as tooth whitening or following cosmetic orthodontic work to achieve truly stunning results.

Due to the minimal preparation usually involved for this technique, bonding can often be completed without the need for any local anesthetic/injections. 


Our patients' say...

I am absolutley delighted with the results of my dental work. I embarked on a programme to enhance my teeth and the results from previous work do not compare.

I have been treated in a warm, friendly and professional manner and the programme was priced so I knew what the cost entailed. I would recommend this practice to anyone wishing to change their dentist.

HW. Lisburn.


teeth before bonding and whitening


teeth after bonding and bleaching