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A high tech solution for heavily filled, broken or weakened teeth.

Instead of taking a putty mould of your teeth they are scanned/photographed and a computer designed natural looking porcelain crown or inlay/filling is made in our in house milling unit. Your cerec crown is then bonded in place in the same visit.

Your tooth can be beautifully restored in about an hour instead of the normal 2-3 weeks. As well as being quicker, this technique can mean less drilling and no temporary crowns.

The Cerec crown is made from a solid block of porcelain meaning there is no underlying metal as with some types of crown. This allows us to achieve a stunning yet strong result which blends beautifully with your natural tooth.

This is cutting edge dentistry at its best and we are proud to be one of only a small number of practices in Northern Ireland to be able to offer this to our patients.

On entering Bachelors Walk Dental you are immediately put at ease by the friendly reception. I had three sessions of around 2 hours each to have old grey fillings changed to porcelain tooth coloured fillings and from the injection to completion of the fillings I felt no pain at all and very little discomfort – something I could never associate before with dentists – a very good experience – I can fully recommend Bachelors Walk Dental.

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andrew wallace