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Hey Guys,

My name is Jade and I am 24 years old, although people do say I look more around the age of 17 (I will be thankful when I am older I'm sure.)


I work as a web developer and I thought this would give me the opportunity to help put my skills to good use and do this blog for Bachelors Walk on the treatment I am going to have to straighten my teeth.

When I was in secondary school I had the train track braces on for about 2 years (quite a long time!). Unfortunately like most people I know who had braces, once I got my braces off I didn’t realise the benefit of wearing my retainer. A retainer is like a gum shield which keeps your teeth from moving and you're supposed to wear it at night time.

I love teeth and am obsessed with perfect teeth! I have wanted braces back on for a long time but I didn't know where to start. Then there was “Oh no wearing the metal braces again for a few years” and “ How much will this cost?" Eekk.

My partner and I bought a house last year so I said I would save up after that and get my teeth straightened so that if my boyfriend ever decides to propose, I will have amazing teeth in the pictures (wishful thinking).

Andrew from Bachelors Walk was recommended me to go by a friend so I booked an appointment to go along to Lisburn to have a chat with him. I made the call and was able to get an appointment the following week.

Friday 22nd May - The Consultation

Bachelors Walk is located in opposite the train station in Lisburn and was very easy to find. When I arrived I was slightly nervous because I was in a totally new situation. I was very quickly put at ease by the reception staff who were lovely, so friendly and helpful. They took my details and got me to fill out a few forms (this only took a minute or two) and then I was ready to see Andrew!

After a quick look at my teeth, Andrew knew the type of treatment that would suit me best. He took time to explain all the treatments available and why Inman Aligners would suit me best. He was very friendly and loved that he had time to explain everything to me and answer my questions.

Molds and pictures where then taken of my teeth. In all honesty, I know my teeth are not that bad but I just like nice straight teeth. Andrew explained that if I wanted to just get my top aligner on this would bring my teeth slightly out more so recommended that I get the bottom aligners on first. This treatment would last up to 12 weeks and after that I can get the top aligners on.

So I have decided to go ahead with the braces and the wait is now on - 3 weeks I am so excited!!

Friday 12th June - The Inman Aligners being fitted

Well, it's Friday 12th June and I was booked in to get my aligners on next week but the receptionist in Bachelors Walk got in touch to see if I would like to come in today for my first set of aligners to be fitted! Aahh - I am so excited! I am going to put up a short video blog before I get them on so that you all know how I look and sound before my treatment starts and you can see if I change how I look or talk while I have my aligners on. (I have been warned I may get a slight lisp but I can handle that!)

Later that day....

Treatment stagesYayy! I got my bottom aligners on. My appointment took around 45 minutes (so not long at all) in total. Andrew began by showing me the molds of my teeth, as they are currently, from the impressions that he made at the previous appointment. He was also able to show me what my teeth will look like once my treatment is complete. I found this really re-assuring to know that in a short space of time my teeth are going to be straight again.

Andrew then went on to tell me about the process in which he has to take a small piece of enamel off my teeth in order for them to move correctly. This sounded scary, specially for me as my memories of going to the dentist when I was younger have always been of big scary drilling machines and being poked in the mouth. But Andrew explained that he will be polishing my teeth down which won't hurt at all. As he was doing this I wanted to prove to anyone who would be worried about this that it may sound sore but it's not, so I took a "selfie". Treatment stages

Andrew was very professional and explained everything that might happening during my treatment time. I really appreciated this because now I know I will be prepared if anything happens, for example if the aligner springs move, how to move this back into position. We also went through how to remove the aligner as well as placing it back in again. I got the hang of it pretty quick which was good because it does look more complicated than it actually is but maybe that is just ditsy me.

Andrew recommended keeping the aligner in for around 20 hours each day, so basically just remove it when eating. He gave me what I called a "Goodie Bag" with lots of treatments for my teeth, mouthwash, tooth paste, tooth brush and a case for the Inman as it's important not to lose them when they have been taken out. The aligner feels secure and I am ready to see what the next few days bring. I am booked in for me next check-up appointment on the 30th June. Myself

Later that night....

I could feel a slight bit of pressure on my teeth. This wasn't painful at all but I just felt tension on my teeth. When I took the aligner out, I could feel this more as the pressure was then releasing off my teeth. It was a strange feeling but not sore and it was totally fine.

Treatment stages

Treatment stages

An Update - A week with my aligner

Morning everyone,

Its been just over a week since I got my Inman aligners on my bottom teeth so I thought I would give everyone an update on how I have got on so far.

For the first few days the aligners feel a bit strange in your mouth, I found myself using my tongue to keep touching the aligner, I think it was because it was tight in my mouth and I felt a bit of pressure on my teeth. This wasnít sore but I was aware of a force in my mouth, until about Sunday it felt really strange when I was taking the aligners out to eat as the pressure was realising of my teeth so it felt as if my teeth were really wobbly but Andrew explained this may be the case so I knew not to worry about anything. Every morning when I wake up I clean the aligner, I rise it and then use a tooth brush ( with a slight bit of tooth paste ) and gently scrub the aligner.

This is easy peasy itís because the braces can get some coatings on it. The aligner has been great I really can not say a bad word about it, my mouth is used to it and for the first few days I was worried would I lisp or could people see it and honestly no one has noticed ( for me this is a good thing ). My friends and family have all been intrigued by the aligner and some are a bit sceptical on how a peace of tiny metal and plastic can move your teeth and I totally understand were they are coming from but a week on and one of my teeth has started to turn slightly this isnít a massive difference but it makes me feel a lot better that in a short period of time your teeth can start to change.

I am back with Andrew on tuesday so I will give everyone an update on how I get on.


2 Week Review

Hey Guys,

I thought I would give everyone a quick update on how I have been getting on with the Inman Aligners. Everything has been all good. They still haven't hurt or bothered me and if I am honest I am that used to them in my mouth to the point where when I take them out to eat I cant wait to get them back in.

I was at my Granddads surprise 80th Birthday Party on Sunday and I was thinking it could be pretty awkward with a table full of family members, some I haven't seen in years and there will be me removing the aligners. So I was thinking should I remove this before I even go but then I thought No I am worrying over nothing the aligner is easy to remove from my mouth as long as I have a tissue it will be fine. To my amazement my family were all shocked that these Inman Aligners are what are moving my teeth but they are, it has only been 2 weeks and already my bottom teeth have started to move, the tooth that was slightly twisted has now rotated nearly back to being in the straight position which I am extremely happy about, maybe I will have my bottom aligners off and top ones on for holiday in August.

I had a great night on sunday night, no one even knew I had anything in my mouth which made me feel a lot better. When I arrived home on the sunday night I became ill ( the last thing I needed) unfortunately I was unable to attend my appointment on the Tuesday but the staff were extremely nice and just booked me in for next week, which I am looking forward to hearing what Andrew has to tell me about the next stage of the process.

If you want to hear quick updates on the Inman Aligners why not check out the Facebook page-

Jades Journey

10th July - Holiday Time Off to London

Well I thought this was a good time to update my blog with a short story. Yesterday I was a busy bee trying to get all my stuff packed for heading to London for 10 days, my boyfriend lives in London so it’s a good way to see different parts of England but as you know to get to London it requires flying which always makes me feel slightly uneasy but anyway I got my stuff packed and off I went to the airport.

Going through security I completely forgot about my Inman Aligner and didn't take it out but guess what I didn't beep! I was completely shocked about this because when I realised I had forgot to remove me I was more pleased that I didn't have the embarrassment of beeping and being stopped so I was pretty pleased about this result.

My time away in London was brilliant, I visited Richmond, Birmingham bullring and also spent a day in Camden, if you are ever looking for a city break I would recommend London. While I was over there, we ate out a few nights. When I am out in a restaurant I tend to panic (unnecessarily) about removing the inman aligner - It's not difficult to remove but I am always slightly worried I am going to drool all over the place. I find if I place a napkin over my mouth when lifting them out, it makes life so much easier and is pretty discrete.


27th July- Check Up with Andrew

This was my follow up appointment with Andrew. I haven't seen him in a few weeks so I was excited to see what he had to say about my teeth. I could see a huge change in my teeth even as soo as the second week of wearing the Inman aligners but I wanted to know how he felt I was getting on. Andrew had a look at my photos that he had taken before the treatment and also the mould. He compared my current teeth to the shape they were several weeks ago.

He was very pleased with them but he could see that another tooth had started to move which didn't need to. Straight away Andrew informed me of how he was going to stop this tooth moving further.

He began by filing my teeth again. My front teeth just need a little bit of filing and this was nothing noticeable. This was not sore at all but it was a weird sensation - the feeling was weirder than the noise the filing makes.

Andrew polished some of my teeth to make the filing tool run a little smoother. This tool looked a bit like a drill and was not sore at all. Again, the feeling was a little weird - a kind of little vibrations feeling in my brain!

Andrew then placed an Anchor onto two of my teeth. This is made the same was as a tooth coloured filling is made and the main purpose of this was to ensure the brace is working as efficiently as possible.

The appointment lasted around 20-30 minutes, so not long at all.

I am so please with my teeth so far. It has been just over 8 weeks and my teeth have moved so much already. I am going to pop some images of my teeth before and at this point to show you the difference so far... it's amazing! I have another appointment in 2 weeks time, just before my holiday and one 2 weeks after that. After that, my bottom aligner treatment will be complete.

During my appointment, Andrew had asked if I had a nice holiday in London. As it turns out, he was in London at the same time as I was. I was very impressed when he told me he was over in London graduating with distinction in a Master of Clinical Dentistry Prosthodontics. Well done Andrew! As a patient, I'm well chuffed to have Andrew as my Inman Aligner dentist.

On July 2nd Dr Andrew Wallace, dentist at local surgery Bachelors walk dental, graduated with distinction at Southwark Cathedral in London with an Master in Clinical Dentistry (MClinDent) in Prosthodontics.Andy in London

Andrew studied at King’s College London for 4 years as well as running the practice with his business partner and colleague Dr Craig Gibson and was awarded an MClinDent in Fixed and removable Prosthodontics. The MClinDent is the highest clinical qualification a practicing dentist can achieve.

Andrew who has been practicing on Bachelors walk in Lisburn for 11 years commented “The program was most definitely the most challenging thing I have ever undertaken and required a huge amount of time away from family but it was very rewarding” . “ I had looked at other programs but decided after researching other postgraduate degrees to tackle the most extensive and challenging available it is a pity nothing like this is available in Northern Ireland.”

Andy with his children

Andrew continues to practice in Lisburn as well as lecturing internationally on cosmetic dentistry, he travels to Dubai in November to present at the largest cosmetic dentistry conference in the Middle-East.

Video of Removing the Inman Aligner

I thought it would be a good idea to show everyone how easy it is to, remove and insert the Inman Aligners.... Check out my video below:

August has Arrived

Well everyone what do you think so far?

I am really pleased with the progress, and I still have up to another 4 weeks until I hate my 12 week target!

I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to take a few snaps and show you how I am getting on. My bottom teeth were in worse shape than my top teeth, although it was my top teeth I was more worried about and I was only going to take the Inman Aligner treatment on the top, but I am so pleased I have went for both sets because for a short period of time. Look at the results.

For £1,200 per arch Inman Aligners are actually one of the cheaper methods on straightening... yes I was shocked too! Bachelors Walk also offer finance!

Andy in London

Andy with his children

Pre-Holiday Visit

Monday 10th August and another check up to see how my teeth are moving along.

First patient in the door and straight to the treatment room were Andrew started to access how my teeth were coming along.

Great news Andrew thinks once I come back from my holiday that will be be my bottom teeth straightening and I am so excited! Andrew explained that he had to take another slight bit of enamel of my teeth, again we went threw the same steps of the filing, again I did not feel a thing which I love as I am not scared to go to Bachelors Walk to get the treatment.

Andrew has now ordered my top aligner and we will have to wait about 3 weeks for it to arrive ( I feel like it is Christmas) I can't believe how quick the time has flew in receiving this treatment and I can not recommend Andrew enough, even though he did panic me as he told me that he will be working in Cranmore another Dental Practice based on the Lisburn Road in Belfast.

Andrew will only be working their one day a week as a specialist so I was delighted to know he would still be taking me through the last half of my treatment.

I am now only a few days away from my holiday so I think this is a double bonus for me, I have my appointment the week after I return from Salou, which I know I will have to look after my Inman Aligner as sometimes I can be forgetful and leaving them in Salou will not be a good thing so container to keep the Inman Aligner safe is already packed safely into my suitcase.

I thought I would add these photos to show you how my teeth started out and how far they have come with the moulds.

Andy in London

Holiday Blues

It is a sad day for my family and I, we are home from holiday after an amazing week in Salou and also took my son to watch Barcelona play and had an overnight stay in Barcelona before traveling back up to Salou.

After a week on holiday I then had a week off before I got back into the swing of things and its not back to work. Although I am a person who loves my work ( I even called in on one of my days off ).

Time to update my blog again and let everyone know exactly how I am getting on,,,,, we are on the finishing line and I am so excited! It is scary how used I have got to the Inman Aligners, while on holiday I was worried that I would lose them or something involving a disaster would happen and I would return with no aligners. I was totally fine and worried for nothing because if I am honest I forgot I was wearing them and just got into the pool and done my normal activities with them.

You are able to drink with them although I wouldn't recommend drinking a hot drink as they may melt and that wouldn't be good but you can basically do everything with these apart from brush your teeth and eat, they are truly amazing! It was quiet funny, my family and friends are used to me pulling them out when I am about to eat and while we where sitting in a Spanish local getting some food, I removed my aligner and the man stared at me in shock I don't think he understood what it actually was and I can't speak Spanish to even try and explain.
My family on holidaysWhen I returned I had my appointment with Bachelors Walk on the Wednesday, my teeth are just a slight bit off so Andrew said it would take another week just to make everything perfect. At the practice Andrew took a mould of my mouth in order to get me a retainer made, this is something that I will have to wear everyday until my treatment is finished because taking the Inman aligner off will allow my teeth to move if their is nothing there anymore to hold the teeth in place until I get a permanent retainer but Andrew said he would prefer to leave this until the end of the top Aligner treatment as sometimes when the treatment is complete I may want to move the teeth a slight bit more and this just gives me the option at the end that if I am not satisfied (though this is not the case) I have the option of wearing the Inman again until I am pleased with the result.

My New Journey

Well everyone I am so excited I have started my new journey with the top Inman Aligner, I feel like I have a lot to catch up on, The little adhesive dots that were on my teeth Andrew has to polish these off, this wasn’t sore just a slight vibration but Andrew explained what would happen and what it would feel like so I felt more comfortable knowing what was going to happen, once the dots had been removed, I got my retainer fitted honestly I can't even feel it a few times I have actually forgot and started eating with it in, this retainer is removable and I only remove it when brushing my teeth or eating and it's easy peasy to fit.

I will be doing a video so I will show everyone how easy it is to place this in.

Below are the images of my teeth, at the end of the whole treatment Andrew will use a method called ABB to make my teeth sit at the same level, because with one of my teeth being crooked before the treatment there has been more wear on this tooth giving this finsh.

Andy in London
mould of teeth


Top Inman well what can I say… Andrew started with placing an adhesive dot on the back on my third tooth, same procedure that I went through with the bottom Inman treatment so nothing different and nothing to make me worry, he placed my Top Aligner in and then asked me to remove and replace it.

First go was a bit of a struggle but once I done it once it was fine. The best part of the top aligner is the talking, trying to say anything with S is definitely a laugh. Although it is getting easier I have just slowed my speech way done, so that people understand me a bit better.

I thought I should share this story cause it nearly give me a heart attack!….. At work we had organised to go to Glasgow for a Brand inspiration day.

That was fine up from 5am I went and collected my boss and we set of to the ferry to meet the rest of the team, in the car I had taken my top aligner out and when I had parked up and was getting ready to leave the car I lifted all my stuff, handbag, Aligner, keys everything and when I got out of the car I thought I dropped something had a look down but couldn't see nothing ( probably because it was pitch black at 630am )but I put my hand in my bag and felt that my aligner was there so I just went on and headed for my journey to Glasgow! While sitting on the boat we all had a bacon gap for breakfast so when I went to put my Aligner back in I realised the Aligner in my back was actually my bottom one and my top one was missing!

Yes I had a mini heart attack, knowing if it was lost this was gonna cost me several hundred pounds to replace and a delay on getting the prefect smile, but their was nothing I could do, I would just have to wait until I got home to see if I would be able to find it or not. Anyhow had a fab day and when we were coming back 10pm that night after 8hours of travelling… Guess what ?!?

There my Aligner was just on the ground beside my car .. to be honest I was so happy to see it I didn't care about anything else, straight home and for a whole next day it was sterilised, this meant two days without wearing the Aligner so I new the results weren't going to be the best but when I went to see Andrew on Tuesday the 15th September Andrew was able to look at my mould and see that the teeth have actually started to move even with the 2 day delay.

I am well pleased with that, Andrew polished my teeth and filed them every so slightly so that the teeth could start moving back into the correct place. I am so happy this time has flowing in and I have had great treatment service so far.

If I don’t understand something Andrew kindly explains and in a manner that I understand, I usually hate going to the dentist because I never know what is happening but my experience with Bachelors Walk has been fantastic so far and I highly recommend them to anyone.

Honestly if you want straight teeth and are worried you should call in and get a consultation, Andrew is amazing and what he does and if it is the price that is putting you off, why not enquire about finance? I think it’s £55 per month, so it won’t break the bank and is so worth it.


Quick Catch Up Appointment 29th Sept

Hey everyone well it has been another few weeks that It was passed and I had another trip to Bachelors walk, this was just a quick 20minutes appointment to follow up on how I am getting on with my top Inman aligner.

The aligner is great, although I still struggle to say some words especially ones beginning with S but I am getting there and it is improving. I am so excited as I can see my top teeth starting to move more into shape. I really can not get over how quick time has went by through this treatment another few appointments and that should be me!

Pre-Birthday Check-up

Well Unfortuntely I had a bit of a bad month leading up to my birthday, I was involved in a car accident 2 weeks ago and resulted in me being in hospital and having to take time of work, in which I am being totally honest with everything that was going on and the amount of tablets I was put on wearing my Aligners was put to the side slightly. I usually never have my aligners off, this is something I have stuck with as I know how important it is the more you wear the the quicker the results. Remember around 16-18hours per day and take out when you are eating. Mine over the 2 weeks was slightly cut down to about 14hours per day, because honestly when I removed them to take a tablet I always seemed to forget where I had left them.

Now today my appointment was a little longer as I was in for a check up with Andrew, Andrew was really happy with the progress and could see that the top teeth have already started to move into the correct position which I am really pleased about as it was my top teeth that I was more aware of and wanted them to be perfect!

Andrew again used a tiny file and took a slight layer of a few of my teeth, this again is nothing to be alarmed at because I could not feel a thing it was a simple case of using this tool and filing down the tooth ( you can not even see the difference when you look at your’e teeth so please do not think it would be anything dramatic.)

I was also fitted with an adhesive dot this is just to hold the top aligner in the centre of my teeth so that it does not arise any higher and keeps my teeth on schedule.

When Andrew had talked me through of what he had done in this session, he explained that it wouldn’t be too long until my top treatment would be finished and because I love beautiful white straight teeth he offered me the chance to try the new Philips Zoom Whitening Professional whiting kit at home, well I was so excited and pleased as this treatment was not even on the shelfs yet so I was one of the first people in Belfast to be able to try this product out! I was so excited and plus it was the day before my birthday so the more reason to have nice bright teeth for the occasion. This really cheered me up considering I had a bit of a bad month.


Andrew explained to me how to use this set and let me then nip on to the hygienist to get a quick clean.

Visiting the hygienist is important as they give you regular professional cleaning to remove plaque and tartar, combined with looking after your teeth and gums, with myself wearing the bottom retainer and the chances of it storing plaque this visit will help keep my mouth healthy. The Hygienist was lovely and friendly and cleaned my teeth and gums. I actually felt a lot better once having this treatment done I felt as If I had clean teeth.

Philips Zoom Whitening

This is a four day treatment twice a day and I have done a short video on how to use this treatment.

I place the gum shield in my month this is to keep the gums and sliva away from the teeth, dry your teeth but before I even made the video I brushed my teeth and used a tissue to dry them.

Once the mouth guard is placed I you take the white brush and you can see you receive eight tiny small white lid bottles quickly use the brush and dip into the bottle and place this on your teeth it is important that you do this quite quickly.

Once this step has been done, I then took the black brush and used the bigger bottle that had the black lid ( pretty good its all colour co-ordinated so you know what is for what) this is what they call a sealant so it basically secured the first “whitening liquid” that we placed on our teeth.

Once complete,,,Keep this on for about 30minutes…. I had to take the mouth guard out after a while as I could feel myself drooling this may not be the case for yourself.

Once the 30mins is complete just brush your teeth and then repeat again the following day.

I am really pleased with the results, Especially on the first day as I could see the most difference this day, which I felt was good!

I would definitely recommend this treatment, as it is safe and easy to use at home. Although keep away from children but it saves that hassle of having to go to your dentist to get that professional white smile, you are able to do this from your own home and it only takes a few days.

This costs £135.00 and can be purchased in the practice if you have any information regarding this please contact the practice and the staff will be happy to give you some extra information regarding the product.

Recap on the Easy Step by step of applying the Philips Zoom Whitening:

  • Insert the cheek retractor
  • The whitening varnish is applied first followed swiftly by the sealant layer
  • Then use the varnish twice a day for 4 days
  • Each treatment lasts 30 minutes.
  • After 30 minutes simply brush or wipe off any remaining varnish

Simple to apply - view the instruction video for Zoom! QuickPro

11th Nov - Another Routine Visit

Today I went to the practice, I was excited to see what Andrew thought of how my teeth looked after the whiting as he took some professional images which I will add to this blog to show you as nothing tells a story better than images.

Andrew said that my teeth where now at the top end of the whitening scale which was good and that it should only be another few weeks and my top aligner would be off as he is just waiting on two teeth moving ever so slightly and that is the treatment complete. I am so excited I can not believe how quick this treatment has been. I do not think I have noticed the time flying in as I have been visiting Bachelors walk every 2-3 weeks so it has just completely flown in.

26th November- Check Up before aligner is removed

Today was my check up before I get my aligners off, I can not believe that this has flew by. This treatment has lasted nearly 6 months for both top and bottom, I mean that is scary and I am shocked and amazed at how quick this has went by I could not recommend Andrew enough!

I thought it would be a good idea to add in a short conversation that I had with my Zumba instructor and it was quite interesting....

The lady that takes me for Zumba amazing lady and amazing dancer but she had the same problem as me she felt her smile let her down and on our Christmas night out I seen that she had the 6 months smile braces on! When I asked her about them she had said that she had tried a few places and did not feel very comfortable about some practices as they didn't give her a clear understanding of how the treatment would go she told me one of the practices said they would cut into her gum to pull one of the teeth back and she couldn't figure out why this was the only place that said this when the other places she had visited never mentioned this which put her off... I explained to her about the Inman Aligners and how good Andrew had been through out he answered every question I had for him and always told me what the next appointment would bring she was gutted and said she wished she had of got speaking to me before she had went as she would of made an appointment to go and visit Bachelors Walk for a consultation at least. It shocked me that a lot of people have not really heard about the Inman Aligner treatment considering that this is not the most expensive method for getting straight teeth and I am proof this method works I was shocked that she didn't know but I recommend to anyone reading this to book a consolation with Andrew he will give you his professional advise on what method would best suit you as a patient and you will not be disappointed I promise you that a professional practice and service!

10th December- Top Aligner is now off

Hey Guys, Well I had a quick 20minutes check up with Andrew today, and I am pleased to say that it went very well!

I am able to take of my top aligner permanently and is me nearly all done with my treatment it is just the finishing touches to be added to make my teeth have that perfect smile.

Unfortunately my skin has broke out and I have a cold sore so this was a no go for pictures but I promise to add some on my next visit with Bachelors Walk show of my new smile.

I think it is amazing how much something so little in my case can really affect how I feel, I love my smile now even though we still have another 2 weeks or so until the finishing touches are added I am so pleased with how this has went so far.

Now that my top aligner has been removed, Andrew removed the little dot on my tooth that kept the aligner in place this is because I now have to wear a retainer until my next appointment just to help my front tooth curve slightly and also to make sure that my teeth do not move out of place or this treatment would be a waste of time and money and I am so pleased with the results that I do not want anything going wrong at this stage.

I have another 2 weeks of wearing both my top and bottom retainers until I get measured for the permanent retainer which will be a mental wire that will be attached to the back of my teeth to keep them in place for good.

22/12/15- Just before Santa

Another quick check up today to see how I am getting on with both of the aligners now of and just wearing the retainers to keep the teeth in shape and without them moving slightly. My top right tooth was still not prefect so Andrew has asked me to keep these on with slightly tighter retainers just to pull that one took an inch back into the correct position and then I will be in straight after christmas to get the moulds done for the metal wire that will be placed on the back of my teeth to help support the teeth in the correct position.


31/12/15- Quick check up to make sure that one tooth moved

Today I was in the practice to get the moulds of my teeth, in order for Andrew to send these back and for the laboratory to make the metal wires for the back of my teeth. This is not a sore procedure it is more uncomfortable for me as I have a tiny mouth and for this to work you have to stretch your mouth and stay with this “putty’ material hardening around your teeth in order to get a good set mould of your teeth. This one was a special material used as this has to be suitable to be posted to the laboratory so I had to sit between 5-10minutes waiting for this to harden but it was fine. This process can be messy as the product that is used has a habit of sticking to the outside of my mouth and ended up with me scrubbing my face and half of my make up being removed which was the only downside to this. I am back in a few weeks time once the metal worse have been custom made for my teeth to get these fitted and then that is me so close to the finish line.

26/01/16- Getting my metal wires attached

Today was the day I received the metal retainers that were placed on the back of my teeth, it sounds a bit daunting but honestly I have been looking forward to this stage this is because the last time that I had my braces which I called train tracks I was supposed to get this after my treatment but unfortunately I didn’t and this is the reason why I felt that my teeth moved out of place again.

When I went to the practice today, Andrew was great as always he explained what would happen in this session. He began by using a tool which was similar to a drill to file down and make the back of my teeth slightly ‘rough’ this was because he applied a bonding material its a type of glue that would hold the metal wire onto the back of my teeth to help keep them in place. He started by placing a mouth guard in my mouth just to hold my gums back while he could get at the correct place in which he needed to work. He started with the top teeth this didn’t take long at all between 5-10mins to fit the top and then again 5-10mins to do the bottom. They felt slightly strange as I could feel the metal and it felt as if something was stuck on my teeth but anyway it was grand it didn’t hurt and that was the main thing for me.

Andrew then went on to explain that he was making me another set of retainers as the old ones wouldn't fit due to the metal wire now placed at the back of my teeth. I don’t like the mould part this is when Andrea makes up a type of “putty” as I call it and places it into a container which is then placed either upper or lower jaw to take an impression of my teeth, this is not one bit sore I personally just find it awkward as something big is in my mouth and when it hardens their is a slight bit of pressure so it feels slightly strand when it is being removed. Most people will know exactly what I am taking about but it only lasts a few minutes so it’s nothing to worry about.

Unfortunately as I am pregnant I am unable to get the align and bonding done to my teeth, as the materials that would be used are unsuitable for me, but Andrew has promised that once I have my baby in July I can return and finish this and the whiting in order to get that perfect smile!

I have one last appointment to have Andrew to get the retainers fitted, which I only have to wear 2-3nights per week while I am asleep this is just to make sure all the hard work Andrew and myself have put in stays this way, even though I have enjoyed the experience I would like to have this perfect smile for the reminder of my life.

At my next appointment I will have professional photos taken of my teeth which I will upload and show you the difference this treatment has made.

I have to say FANTASTIC TEAM, FANTASTIC PRACTICE & FANTASTIC SERVICE the whole way through out this 6months journey.

My Last Appointment Until July

Hey Everyone well this is my last appointment until July, I am pregnant so I can not get the align and bonding to finish of my teeth but it won’t be long coming round.

I am so pleased with the results of my teeth and will attach photos to show you the change in my teeth.

This last appointment was just to get my retainer and see that my teeth hadn’t moved now that the permeant wire retainer was attached to the back of the teeth.

It was strange for the first day or two after getting the metal retainers attached my teeth felt slightly strange I kept using my tongue to feel the retainer as it feels like something is stuff in your teeth. It is not sore but just feels slightly odd! Once I got the first two days over me it was perfectly fine, I didn’t even notice it to be honest.

At my appointment Andrew took some pictures for me just to show how my teeth have moved and I also went and visited the Hygienist.

The Hygienist was so friendly and give my teeth a deep clean!

She explained to myself that because I am pregnant my gums are slightly red this is normal during pregnancy but it is important to take extra care when it comes to the health of your teeth during pregnancy. She give me a few flossing pieces so at home I could floss my teeth and make sure that all the plaque was all removed from my teeth.

Sometime I think people are worried about visiting the Hygienist but honestly my experience and I have been at the Hygienist twice at Bachelors Walk has been perfectly fine and the staff are lovely. I think it helps when the staff are so friendly it makes myself especially forget I am at the Dentist so I have to say if you are a nervous patient why not try Bachelors Walk you won’t be disappointed.

When I return in July this will be for Andrew to receive the bonding on my teeth this is for teeth that are worn, chipped, rotated teeth can be restored with minimal drilling using adhesive techniques to sculpt and blend tooth coloured restorative composite material invisibly to the teeth.
This technique can be used as a standalone treatment to close spaces or improve the shape or outline of your teeth, or in combination with other treatments such as tooth whitening or following cosmetic orthodontic work to achieve truly stunning results.

I look forward to the finishing touches!





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